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Without indemnities, farmers blocked Transamazônica Highway and impede the work at Belo Monte construction site

Link para a reportagem em português, no site do Movimento Xingu Vivo Para Sempre:

About 70 farmers from the communities Travessão do 27, Pena, Vila Rica, São Francisco, Senec, Cobra Choca and others, located at the km 27 of Transamazônica Road between Altamira and Marabá blocked the highway on the morning of Wednesday 13,  impeding the access of about 5,000 workers of the construction site of Belo Monte hydroelectric plant.
For about eight months, over 200 families from the communities of the region between the two construction sites – Pimental and Belo Monte – were contacted by Norte Energia (North Energy) – the constructor of the plant – to the beginning of negotiations for indemnity, since a large part of these areas will be occupied by channels or by the the plant reservoir itself. Claiming that the land will not be fully utilized for the work, however, North Energy canceled the indemnity to the families, arguing that would pay only for the areas that come to occupy directly.
According to the community leaders, those families do not accept partial expropriation or the canceling of the compensation, and intend to keep blocking the access to work until the demands are satisfied the firm. Other vehicles are being allowed to pass the blockade, which did not suffer police repression.
Around 11 am, a delegation led by Fetagri (Federation of Agricultural Workers) came to Altamira to negotiate with the company.
Despite not having relations with the meeting Xingu +23, which begins on Tuesday and brings together about 400 hit by Belo Monte at the community of Santo Antonio (height of 50 km of the Trans), event organizers said they support the action

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